10 Weird Facts About your Teeth and Mouth

10 Weird Facts About your Mouth and Teeth

I love leaning about new things and here are some of my favourite weird facts that I have found out about our mouth and teeth. Some of them I knew already and some of them were new to me too.

  1. If you had no saliva you would not be able to taste anything
  2. There are around 7 billion bacteria in your mouth, that’s as many people as there are on the earth!
  3. Your tongue is the only muscle in your body that does not have any support from your skeletonClarissa with her tongue out showing a furry tongue that may cause bad breath
  4. Your teeth are as unique as your fingerprint, no one will have the same as you
  5. During our lifetime, we produce around 38,000 litres of saliva, that’s enough to fill 2 average sized swimming pools
  6. The outer layer of your tooth surface which is called enamel, is the hardest substance in your bodyTooth Diagram Showing Where Enamel Is
  7. Of all the muscles in your body, your tongue is the strongest relative to its size
  8. 40% of your tooth surface gets missed if you just brush your teeth alone and don’t flossPlaque build up in between teeth that have not been flossed
  9. Someone’s smile is the first thing they notice, says 50% of the population according to surveys
  10. Within their lifetime, sharks have 40 sets of teeth, dolphins get 1, humans get 2 and crocodiles’ teeth are continually replaced.
Sand Tiger Shark Teeth

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did and I wonder if you found any of them particularly surprising? The one about your lifetime saliva filling two swimming pools is a bit gross but the one about the animal teeth was quite interesting.

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