Why do I have bad Breath and what can I do About it?

Why do I have bad Breath and what can I do About it?

Bad breath is also known as halitosis and is a common problem that can occur among people of any age.

Clarissa with her tongue out showing a furry tongue that may cause bad breath

Causes of halitosis:
  • If bacteria is allowed to build up in your mouth and it does not get removed regularly, the toxins produced by the bacteria produce an unpleasant odour
  • If it is persistent then the cause may be gum disease, which again is due to bacteria build-up in the mouth, and you may need treatment from a hygienist to help with this
  • Sometimes after an illness or infection, or even certain medications can cause bad breath
  • Smoking, alcohol, garlic and onions can cause bad breath
  • When we are dehydrated our breath can also smell

Dental cleaning aids that help reduce bad breath

  • Improving your dental hygiene is usually enough to keep bad breath at bay. So, ensure that you brush your teeth and gums at least twice daily, and floss regularly. Also brushing your tongue can help too, bacteria can hide anywhere in your mouth!
  • If you do the above and still have a problem, it would be worth visiting your dentist or hygienist for further treatment
  • For if you have eaten smelly food, chewing sugar free gum straight after eating can help to reduce odour
How can I tell if I have bad breath?

Chloe trying to smell her breath to see if it smells bad

It can be difficult to tell if you have bad breath so the best way to check is to lick the inside of your wrist and wait for the saliva to dry. If this has a bad smell, then it is likely that your breath does too.

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